Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life Management Series: Gift #3

I haven't had a chance to post "Gift #2" yet, so this is out of order. Sorry!

I want to start today by talking about unseen dangers. These are the little-known dangers that are around us, all the time. You can look just where you live and find them!
Did you know…

· A Household dryers can be dangerous? Dryers cause more than 15,000 house fires every year.

· Toothpaste is poisonous?
If you shallow too much of it can actually kill you! Label… “If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional assistance or contact a Poison Control Center right away.”

There are dangers like this from everyday items that we use all the time. I saw something funny online when I typed in “warning labels” on Google…

These are labels from the 11th Annual M-LAW Wacky Warning Label Contest

Third place: A baby stroller featuring a small pouch for storage that warns: "Do not put child in bag."

Second place: An iron-on T-shirt transfer that warns: "Do not iron while wearing shirt."

Grand Prize: A label on a small tractor that warns: "Danger! Avoid Death."

The gift we’re going to look at today is another amazing gift that can do a lot of good in our lives and others lives, but there also is a danger comes with it. It’s a danger that most of us don’t even think about, but it’s serious! It has the power to ultimately destroy our lives if we don’t use it carefully!

We’ll look more at that in a second, but first… Let me remind you about what we’re trying to do in this series. When we started this “Life Management” series and I told you…

God has given you (and will give you) all of the "raw materials" and opportunities you need to reach your full potential.

At the end of our lives, no one is going to be able to blame God that he didn’t give them what they needed to make it in this life.

Whether you reach your full potential, or not, will be based on how you managed what you've been given. Did you waste your gifts or cherish them?

For 5 Sundays, we're looking at 5 of the most important raw materials you've been given to form your life with. I'm calling these 5 raw materials of life "5 Gifts" that God has given you to manage.

The FIRST week, I talked about the first gift that God has given us to manage, which is TIME.

You only have 1440 minutes given to you everyday. If you sleep 7 hours that leaves you 1020 minutes. You can never get more. The only way to make more time is by managing it better. How we manage our time becomes our worship to God.

It makes “Time Management” a holy thing!

The LAST Sunday we were here at the theater, I talked about the second gift that God has given us to manage, which is our health. I showed you in the Bible that God care about all of usnot just our spiritual health, but also our mental, emotional and physical health.

I told you that how you manage your gift of health will decide the quantity and quality of your life. You can listen to these last two talks at

Today we’re going to look at the 3rd gift.The third gift God’s given us to manage is Wealth.This gift has one major danger...

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