Friday, April 22, 2011

A Virtual, Online "Good Friday" Event

Today we did an event we've never tried before.

We did a virtual, online-only "Good Friday" event.

It was from 12pm-12:30pm and it went really well. I got a lot of positive feedback from the people that were on the live event.

During The Event I Shared These Things:
  • The person who I think had the greatest faith in the whole Bible
  • The often overlooked words that this man said and why they prove to me his incredible faith
  • What Jesus said to this man
  • Why this person's story is good news to us today

You Can Watch/Listen In Right Now
The recording is now available. After you click the link below, then click the organish-yellow "view recording" button to watch the recording.

You can watch/listen or share with friends...

Click here to watch the recording of my "Good Friday" event!

NOTE: On the recording, I talk for a few minutes and stall while people were joining in, so if you want, you can fast forward to about 6-7 min. mark to where I actually begin.