Friday, November 07, 2008

Series: "SWAYED: Have YOU Been?" - Talk: Truth vs. Lies


We started with a version of old game show "To Tell The Truth".

We were trying to figure out who really did this truth...
“I’m ________ and I personally climbed two volcanoes.
(*Listen to the audio to discover the real volcano climber!)

Knowing what’s true in life is as important as knowing what reality is. If you don’t know what’s true in life you’re no better off than someone who doesn’t know what reality is.

How do we know what’s true? What’s right? What’s wrong? Is it what the majority says? Is it what the minority says? Or is it only what, the media, our educational system, or science tells us is true?

Most of us believe that we’re independent and think for ourselves. We don’t think that we’re that influenced by others.

But I want to show you this morning that that’s not true!

Every single one of us here have been influenced.

We’ve been swayed by almost "invisible forces" in our culture that have influenced us all in some way. Once you realize what these forces are, then you'll see their powerful ability to sway you and your friends.