Friday, October 02, 2009

"Truth In The Movies" series: MOVIE - "Prince Caspian" Theme: "Trust In The Dark"

Dark times come to everyone at some point in life.
They come to us personally or they can come to us as citizens of this country or this world.

We can see them in the current recession and in the various struggles and troubles we each are dealing with right now in our lives.

How we view these times will determine how we feel in the middle of the darkness.

And how we handle these times will determine how we make it through them - or even IF we make it through them.

In this talk you'll discover:
  • The facts about dark times in this life.
  • 3 main reasons for dark times.
  • Reasons why God allows them into our lives.
  • Why God's ultimate goal (like a good parent) is NOT to do everything he can to make us happy.
  • What God's real priority is.
  • How the ancient view of dark times, that the people in the bible days had, can help us to wait and endure until God brings us through.
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