Tuesday, June 21, 2005

“There’s More Than Meets The Eye”

A human eyeball weighs just an ounce.

But we rely on these two ounces of jelly in our skulls to know what reality in life is.

The main function of the eye is to convert light from the outside world into electrical nerve impulses, so our minds can take in the outside world.

Our eyes are one of the main organs that help us to perceive, understand and interact with the outside world.

If you really think about it the way our eyes work is almost miraculous.

Here is all that’s happening right now in order for you to see me...

  1. The light bounces off me and into your pupil.
  2. The light crosses your lens and the images of me gets focused.
  3. The image of me turns upside down and at shines on your retina. Your retina contains two types of photoreceptors called rod cells and cone cells. They help you to see colors and sharp details.
  4. Then, your optic nerve carries the picture of me you see and the message goes to the brain.
  5. The first thing your brain does after the message goes there is turns the picture of me right side up.
  6. The second thing your brain does is figure out what you’re seeing and what you should do.

All that is happening right now as you look at me! It’s crazy isn’t it!

Charles Darwin in his famous work on evolution called “Origin of Species” admitted that the eye is so complex that saying it could have been formed by natural selection is pretty absurd.

Our eyes help us in so many ways in life it’s hard to imagine living without them.

But have you ever thought how they limit us?

Let me show you how with an example from the animal kingdom…

“An African impala can jump 10 feet high and cover a distance of more than 30 feet. But do you want to know what’s strange? These amazing animals can be kept in an enclosure in any zoo with just a 3-foot wall. You want to know why? These animals won’t jump if they can’t see where their feet will land.”

Impalas stay trapped because they refuse to go where they can’t see!

So many times in life we’re the same way! We won't go in a direction in life where we can't see.

Today, I want to talk about how following Jesus on the journey of life means we need to learn to see beyond our sightsee the invisible - the not yet.

Turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews 11:1-2

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