Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Unexpected Benefits Of Prayer

Today, I want to talk about the opportunity of a lifetime that people pass up daily! What opportunity? Prayer. The opportunity to talk to God!

What if I told you I had an appointment set for you to meet the President face-to-face for an hour? Would you go and meet with him? Yeah you would!

Even if you didn’t like him you would! Why? He’s the president! It’s an honor to talk to him. You’d go just so you brag about it!

What if it was someone else? What if it was the chance to meet your favorite movie/TV/music star or athlete? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

You and I can talk to God this minute or any minute we choose. We can tell him what we’re thinking or feeling. We can ask him for something or ask him for help?

Why is the chance to talk to God passed up so much by us?

I’m sure most of us have heard reasons why we pray and I don’t want to just repeat what you know already. Today I want to show you some unexpected benefits of prayer.

Let’s look at the first one…

Hear the message below:

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