Saturday, December 24, 2005

"5 Minute Christmas Thought" PLUS A BONUS :)

Since we aren't able to gather tomorrow on Christmas, I've recorded a "5 minute Christmas Thought" (actually 4:52).

Take some time today or tomorrow to get away by yourself and listen to this and really think about what Christmas is all about.

Here's what you'll hear:
  • Two gifts/reminders that God gave us that first Christmas that we still need today more that ever
  • Why if you believe in God you have to belive in the miraculous
  • What Abraham, David, Mary, Elizabeth and the shepherds have in common and why that's good news to you and me

Here is it for you to hear online or download for your Ipod or Mp3 player:

MP3 Stream

P.S. My son Jack, who is 4 and 1/2 years old, saw me editing my "5 minute Christmas Thought" and asked if he could record one for the kids.

So we recorded one! His thought actually ended up being a prayer and only 2:45, but it's pretty funny and cute!

Here's Jack's "3 Minute Christmas Thought" for the kids!

MP3 Stream

We won't meet on New Year's day either!

Our next Sunday gathering is January 8th. If you've never come to hang with us on a Sunday, then think about trying it out for 2006!

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