Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Truth In The Movies" Series - TOPIC: Rewards Require Risk - MOVIE: "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

God created us to grow and achieve. Without growth and achievement, life would be boring. It’d be without meaning.

Listen to what my favorite secular author, business philosopher Jim Rohn, says about achievement…

“How incredibly unique that a God who would create the complex and immense universe would create the human race and give to those humans the free choice that would permit them to select their own achievement or their own destruction.”

Then Jim says this…

“This strange but all-knowing God gave to us a delicately balanced sphere called earth, and on it, he placed the intelligent human who would either develop it or destroy it.

“How terribly fascinating that God would leave both projects – earth as well as humans – unfinished! Across the rivers and streams he built no bridges; he left the pictures unpainted, the song unsung, the book unwritten, and space unexplored.

“For the accomplishment of those things God created the unfinished human who, within his heart and mind, had the capacity to do all these things and more, depending upon his own choice.”

We were created to grow and achieve! God has things that his created you to do. He has an idea in his mind of the person he wants you to become.

He put the potential in you, but you have to do things to see your full potential. And you know what? There will be barriers in your way of becoming and doing all that God created you for.

But that’s good! Why?

If you want to become stronger - grow your muscles - what does it take? It’s takes resistance. Your muscles can’t grow without resistance.

It takes the same thing to grow personally in life! Resistance causes us to grow. Think about it… There isn’t achievement if there isn’t resistant or barriers to breakthrough!.

The things that you were created to become and achieve won’t come easy. In order to really grow and achieve in life you’ll have to bump up against resistance.

And guess what that means?

*It means that to become who are meant to be and do what you were created to do will take risk!

To push through the resistance, to bust through the barriers will take risk! Growth and Achievement are on the other side of risk!

Without risk there’s no reward!

Because of that, we need to have a new view of risk.

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