Friday, June 20, 2008

Supreme Series: Solutions To 2 Problems We Have

I want to talk to you today about two big problems we have and give you two major solutions.

You can see our first problem revealed in this video – check it out…
(You can see the video I showed this Sunday here.

Or you can watch a similar video below...)

Copyright 2007 Orchard Valley Community Church, Aurora, IL

For those of us in this room who consider ourselves Christ-followers, we have a big problem!

People love (or least like) Jesus, but they have a problem with us. Did you hear what they called us? “Trouble,” “Weak,” “Boo!”

Why do you think people like Jesus, but have a problem with Christ-followers?
I think some of the reasons are...

Christians misrepresenting Jesus with their words and actions, Christians treating non-believers harshly, & media misrepresenting Christ-followers.

I don’t think that any of us are this way, but either way we still have an image problem that we need to overcome if we’re going to ever have a chance to be effective in sharing Jesus with people.

In just a minute we’re going to look at Colossians 4 and see a solution to this problem, but before we do that let me tell you about our second problem

Our second problem is that we’re missing out on some things in our lives – some things we realize we’re missing and some things we don’t. We’re less effective than God wants us to be and we’re not experiencing all that he wants us to.

We’ll see the answer to that problem in Colossians 4 today.

First let’s review where we’re at in this series. We’re doing a series I’m calling "Supreme." It’s based on a book from the Bible called Colossians. We’re looking at the things God has done for us or wants to do for us that are so much greater than all we chase after in life.

The first Sunday, we looked at Colossians 1 and saw the dangers of letting other things in our lives take the place of God.

The second Sunday, we looked at Colossians 2 and saw the danger there was in adding to Jesus. The danger of adding other philosophies to him and the danger of adding rules and rituals to him.

The third Sunday, we looked at Col. 3 and the mystery that Paul understood about Jesus that few Christ-followers understand: Paul understood the mystery of our union with Jesus. We talked about how realizing this can help us to live more powerfully.

Last Sunday, we looked at a Col 3:18-19 and saw passage of scripture that’s has been misused in the past in ways that caused wives to be mistreated and husbands to be harassed. I helped break apart the old interpretations and helped us see the real meaning that is more freeing and fulfilling to both husbands and wives.

I got a lot of good feedback and response last Sunday after the gathering. If you weren’t with us and want to hear this talk, then look in your bulletin for the URL and you can go stream it online or download it onto an MP3 player.

Alright, so let’s get back to our 2 problems for today…

1. We have an image problem with some people.
2. We’re less effective and experience less than what God has for us.

Let's look at what Paul gives us as our 2 solutions in Colossians 4:2-6...

Stream it
Download it


lori said...

Wow.. I never looked at it as people still seeing Jesus as good, when they see christians as scary.

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