Friday, March 10, 2006

Keepin' It Real - PT 1

We live in a culture that claims to want to “Keep it real”, but in reality our society is really all about “Keepin’ it unreal”.

People aren’t really supposed to show who they really are. They’re supposed to hide it. You have to always look cool, sound cool, and act cool.

The internet is the perfect example of “Keepin’ it unreal”! You can be anyone you want to be! I remember a guy in college who was pretending to be a girl online and got invited by another guy to his cabin!

There are places like (a place I just joined to connect with some old youth kids and see if we can connect anybody with our church through it) and, besides being a site that has some crazy stuff on it that you need to guard yourself from, it’s really a place for the unreal.

People put of their best or favorite pictures of themselves, try to get a ton of friends to prove how cool or popular they are. It’s showing only ONE side of them!

Think about it. Our culture is so NOT “Keepin’ it real” that even “Reality TV” isn’t real! In reality, our culture teaches many people that it’s all about “Keeping it fake!”

That’s why what I’m about to talk about is important.

In a culture filled with people “Keepin’ it fake” what I’m about to talk about could have a really powerful affect in our lives.

Today, I want to start a short, 2-week series about “Confession”.

I’m not talking about the old school idea of confession. This ain’t your Grandma’s confession! I’m not talking about confessionals or being forced to admit your wrongs to the person sitting next to you.

I’ll be talking in a different way about confession. In fact, by the time we’re through, I hope you’ll never see “confession” the same way again.

The confession I’m going to be talking about is other thing that can actually help us to see the change we’ve been hoping for for so long.

It can and free us and others to really start “Keepin’ it real!”

Do you know what confession really is? It’s just admitting the truth.

There are 3 people we need to confess or admit the truth to. The first one is in some ways the hardest to admit to. Let me tell you a story before I tell you this first person we need to confess to…

Hear the message below:

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Next week, I want to finish this talk about “Keeping It Real”.

Some of the things I want to talk about…

  • The last person you need to confess to.
  • Talk about positive VS. negative confessions
  • Talk about how I think confession can actually help protect us from making some HUGE mistakes in our life.

If you know someone who’d want to hear this sermon, then tell them about the link to hear it online and invite them to come THIS Sunday for PT2!

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